Appraisals of  Sports Cards & Memorabilia

What are the different kinds of appraisals?

  • Insurance Replacement Value: This appraisal provides a value equal to what it would cost to replace an existing item in your collection or inventory. Retail Value.



  • Fair Market Value: This appraisal provides a value as to what the specific item or items would sell for at a well publicized auction




  • Liquidation Value: This appraisal usually used in Bankruptcy action is the price the item would bring at a quick sale.






What is the cost of doing an Autograph Appraisal?


  • $125.00 per hour for an on- site appraisal at our location or via digital media
  • $175.00 per hour plus travel for an off-site appraisal at your location



Is an appraisal the same as authentication?


No. One is assessing a value of an item and the other is rendering an opinion as to the item's genuineness. These are two completely different services.

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